Welcome to my website. If you’ve visited before, you’ll see I’ve made a few changes. There are new pictures to look at, new songs to listen to, and even some videos to watch. I think they’re hilarious, and I hope you do too. I’m planning to add new songs regularly, so do keep popping back to have a listen.


Of course, there’s no substitute for seeing comedy live. So why not click on the Gigs page to see where I’m appearing next. You’re bound to find one near to where you live. And if you don’t, perhaps you could treat yourself to a weekend away. You probably deserve a break, I expect you’ve been working very hard.


Once you’ve had a look around the site, if you still want know more, then drop me a line and I’ll add your name to my email list. So far there’ve been exactly zero issues of my monthly newsletter! So you haven’t missed a thing. But I’m planning to start one any day now… if enough people show any interest whatsoever.


You could also take a look at my irregularly updated facebook page or follow me on Twitter. I’m planning to really embrace the social media thing in 2016 so get on board before this baby takes off. Or something like that! The details are all there down below. But you probably spotted that already.



If you follow me on Twitter here are some things you can say, when/if I become famous. Use them to impress your friends, and people you meet at parties. They will then think you are cool, and not a bit of a dick at all.

  • Have you only just discovered Ant? I’ve followed him since [insert your own date here].”

  • I was his 9th follower, or was it 8th? I think of him more as a friend these days.”

  • Of course he’s not as good now he’s gone all commercial.”



My facebook page will probably have exactly the same stuff on as the website, but you’ll boost my fragile ego massively if you like it.



Check out my new song . And once you’ve had a listen, why not tell me what you think? All suggestions for improvements will be gratefully received. All criticism will be ignored, but secretly taken to heart. I am very good at holding a grudge. Like elephants (and my mother) I never forget.

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